Charlotte Loves is a fashion, beauty and lifestyle blog with a mummy edge! 

I'm a 20-something mummy living in London. Currently studying in my last year of a psychology degree, and figuring out where I go from here, and how to navigate this new world of tiny tiny people!

My history:

Born in Devon, raised in the Shire, I'm currently living in London. I was 14 when I was spotted by a rather large modelling agency as I was innocently wondering around topshop on my first ever shopping trip to London. Thankfully my mum made me stay at school at complete my A-levels because they were needed years later when I finally decided I did want to go to uni after all (/ need to go to uni as I was fed up of minimum wage job after minimum wage job). In between I had some mini adventures, went to New Zealand for three months, worked in a club on a ski-resort, attempting to snowboard (badly) in my spare time. The plan was to go off and do lots of awesome post graduate work and feel oh so clever, yet one week before my exams in my second year of uni, I discovered that the nausea I was feeling wasn't just stress. And thus into my life came the most amazing little man.

And now my plans have changed...

With my son and my Godson.


P.s. Beyond cropping and the odd instagram filter, there will be no airbrushing. 100% natural mummy, warts and all. All thoughts expressed here are my own, this is my hobby, not my job. :) 

P.P.S. I do not give permission for any of my photos/thoughts and opinions to be published without my permission.

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