Sunday 14 February 2016

My "new years" resolution!


We are one and a half months into the new year, and that means only one thing...

I'm one and a half months behind on my new years resolution.

*Hangs head in dreadful shame*

This year I decided to do none of the usual promises I was bound to fail (giving up chocolate, going the the gym, volunteering to work on a panda sanctuary in China) and to just have one, very simple resolution, something surely I could manage.

Actually post on the blog. 

Now, this shouldn't be an awful shock to me, (I'm used to deadlines after all). I started another blog about 5 years ago... bought the domain for this two years ago after spending a YEAR trying to come up with a name....I really should have got round to the concept of posting regularly by now! However.... so far I've posted a handful of times.

I'm not lazy. Honest.

I've actually written lots and lots of posts, taken and edited lots of pictures....

The problem is that it seems incredibly intrusive and personal to actually finally publish them. I am really VERY nervous about it. By the very nature of writing a blog you open yourself up to being judged. Why I've decided to do this when clearly I am not the right person to be doing this I don't know. 


For my own sanity I need to actually do something other than “ohh, yes, look, birdies, what do birdies say?”; making up hilarious** animal voices to Old McDonald; and micro-managing my sons attempts to summit the bookcase. (Is that even a correct sentence to say? I just don't even know any more).

FOR THE LOVE OF GOD I need to do something with this brain before it withers and dies. Something that I do, for myself. On my own. For sanity. So I can pretend I still have a some intelligence left. (Seriously- i just spelt it as “pretent”. I'm really not helping myself out here).

SO AS OF NEXT WEEK.... expect weekly posts! EXCITING!

I know, I can tell you can hardly contain your excitement.

In the meantime keep yourself entertained with my instagram feed. Its by far my favourite social media app.

** Why are they hilarious? See- my own attempts at keeping myself entertained are backfiring and TURNING ME INTO A CRAZY PERSON.


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