Wednesday 1 June 2016

Vauxhal City Farm

If you live outside London, and in particular in the countryside, it can be hard to imagine that there is any sort of wildlife in the City. Sometimes even a urban dweller like me gets shocked at just how much wildlifey (technical term) stuff there's is. There are numerous parks and random bits of green with animals plonked in. As for city farms, there are apparently 16, according to time out...

So for Easter we went to see the new born chicks at Vauxhall City farm. Which is what you do at Easter! There was no Jesus, but there were baby chicks! They were by far the favourite thing that Noah saw there. (*whispers* mine too)

Tucked away in amongst tower blocks and high rise buildings and teens getting drunk on the grass,  is Vauxhall city farm. Like many farms it houses the usual suspects, sheep, goats, alpacas, a pig or two. There are some ponies they give lessons on, ducks, chickens and little house hold pets; rabbits and the like. For 50p you can get a bag of feed for the animals, which is so reasonable a cost it blew my mind a little. You cant even buy a bar of chocolate for that now. There's also a little machine that dishes out feed for 20p which takes me back to the 90's when there was still a use for 20p.

You can also pay a pound or two to sit in a pen and cuddle a rabbit or whatnot. Its all very cute and very reasonable.

Its not that big, in fact it's very tiny. It's the sort of place you pop out to at some point in the day to stop your child climbing the walls, not the sort of place you spend the whole day. But the excitement and energy my tiny tot exuded from trying to feed all the animals knocked him out for hours after so *thumbs up* job well done Vauxhall!

Would I go again? Oh definitely! If you are stuck for things to do you really cant go wrong with going someone for free to see some animals that you can touch and feed. Everyone's happy; even me.


It wasn't until I got home and started writing this I realised pretty much my whole outfit is topshop. How embarrassing! I'm loving mom jeans at the moment, as I've said in a previous post- they are comfortable and easy to move about in. The top is a body, so while handy to not have to worry about re-tucking it every few lunges, it's definitely not great if you are still breastfeeding.
If you worry about ruining your shoes- boots are a good shout. Unless of course you worry about ruining your boots on the farm muck (water + lots of dropped feed pellets = green sludge) then wellies are probably better.

Does it follow "my rules" ?

Prints: Sort of?

Separates: Yep!

Flats: In my mind these boots are practically flat, to others... perhaps not.

Don't be precious: *thumbs up*

Well 2.5/4. Not the most practical of mum outfits, but not bad either! 


If anyone follows my instagram feed you will probably have seen this photo, and know about my Zara obsession. This photo I found HILARIOUS! The day before he learnt how to put his hands in his pockets (haha- the simple things) and so not only kept putting his hands in his pockets- but telling us also. "look, look my pockets!!".  Somehow we snapped a picture of him posing like a little male model. I can't not laugh looking at this. Maybe it's in his genes... more likely I take WAY too many pictures of him! He's learning the game! 

Like my outfit was all topshop... this outfit is all baby zara. It's all last season now but I can't help but love zara clothes. I think it's in part that they have a lot of gender neutral clothing- this was in the boys sections but a girl or a boy could wear this; and in part because their clothes are less "babyish" and much more like mini versions of adult clothes. 

Practical toddler outfit: Sort of. The trousers have faded in  the wash. The wool is super soft but gets bobbly easily. I don't really care-it's a cute outfit.

Have you been to any city farms? What do you think of them?



  1. We have loads of kids things near us but what we're missing is a city farm like this. I'll keep looking though - the kids love them!