Sunday 6 March 2016


Me and my Mum at my graduation :)

First off mothers, I hope you are all having a wonderful and spoilt day! Remember, you are awesome!! Even when you plop little Sally and Bobby down in front of cbeebies so you can secretly chug some rioja,  wash up the dishes in peace, YOU ARE AMAZING! We've had a very casual day, lovely breakfast at the park cafe and a nice walk with the dog (so aside from the eggs, pretty much the same as every other day). The tiny man is actually not feeling well today so he's been asleep all afternoon, which has been quite a calm and lazy day for mummy!

Secondly; I hope you've all called your mums! They never stop being mothers. Even now I'm a grown adult woman with a child of my own, my mum doesn't stop looking out for me. Without the help and support from my mum I would never have finished my degree! Moral: Mums are always awesome!!

Today, in keeping with the MOTHERS DAY theme, I'm rocking this classic casual look: my new mom jeans from Topshop; and my MOTHER sweatshirt from The Selfish Mother.  If you've never checked her blog out, then DO! Not only is it a great blog, but she sells these amazing sweatshirts, t-shirts, and a whole range of other merchandise. They've been on my wish-list for absolutely ages but I've only recently purchased one, because, well, they are £45 pounds. Other than "mother" clothes come with fun phrases like "WINGING IT". Which I definitely relate to. And is definitely definitely on my wish list next!

What makes these so good, aside from being so super snuggly and soft, is that the profits go to charity. Women for Women International is a charity that helps women from war torn regions rebuild their lives. So while you are buying something for yourself, your actually helping other women, and other mothers. According to their website, as of February this year they have raised £65,000 for the charity Women For Women International, which means there are a LOT of mummy's out there supporting Selfish Mother! It's really incredible. I really felt the need to bang on about this today, because while we are all being spoilt by our loved ones with flowers or chocolates or yummy breakfasts, we can also be thinking about other mothers today too. So if you haven't checked out the blog, then DO!! I basically want about 6 more things. You probably will too.

Fashion wise: since sports luxe is a trend this season (yeah-seriously-wtf?) sweatshirts therefore are ON TREND!! LOL.  So wearing comfy clothing is apparently OK for spring and summer! SWEET. So... yes.... that's a thing.... but if you just like warm and soft and comfortable clothing then BING! This works too.

Mummy-Fashion wise; you cant go wrong. This is practical as practical mummy outfits come! As you can see from the pictures about, there is no problem moving about in this outfit! If you are breastfeeding then big baggy sweatshirts are always useful for pulling up easily but leaving part of you covered. Adding a shirt underneath, as I have done, just adds another layer of safety.

So what do you think of the selfish mother sweatshirts? Which ones do you like the best? And have you all had a good day?


  1. Happy Mothers Day lovely, I hope you have had a great day and I love that jumper x

  2. Happy Mother's Day and loving your mummy outfit especially the jumper. Hope you baby is better now

  3. Hope you had a wonderful Mother's Day! Lovely jumper, I will check out the Selfish Mother! :)

  4. I have a selfish mother t-shirt and it is soooooo comfy. Love that sweatshirts are back in this season, I can be fashionable for once! lol

    1. haha I know! Anything that requires the least amount of effort is good in my mind! 😂🙈

  5. I love that jumper so much, I have the tee and live in it!xx

  6. I hope you enjoyed your day...:))
    I love your blog, great information :))
    Thank you Charlotte x

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